Measuring Stickers

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Have you ever been trying to draw something like a mandala, using a plastic protractor, and your tool slides as your drawing? It’s happend to me a lot over the years. It can be frustrating, and makes it difficult to construct something precise!

Well, recently I was shopping in Plunkett’s Stationery in Tucson, Arizona, and I came across these stickers! Since then, I’ve also discovered that you can get them on Amazon.

Here, you can see what they look like when stuck on black, or white paper. They are a bit frosted, which helps them to show up on any color background, which is really handy.

They can be stuck, removed, repositioned and stuck back on the stack several times before the “sticky” wears out.

You might find them handy for drawing, sewing, drafting or crafting, as I do, so I thought I would share them with you here!