Art Journal: Artists' Book 19

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The final prompt in our collaborative book is “Self-Portrait”. I think that this is, hands down, the hardest prompt for most artists. We would much rather paint a beautiful, abstract scene than create something that is pointedly about ourselves.

So I chose to represent myself as my personal icon. Although I did make grey hair, with a bit of pink, rather than all pink.

I am surrounded by all the things from the sea that I love. I’ve also included a color swatch, to represent my art and a few hints of my southwestern heritage.

Words on the left page include:

I dream of stars that glitter

I must be a mermaid, I have no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow living. - Anias Nin

play on the beach

I lived beneath the open sky

And on the right page:

we are fearless, independent and original

The Storyteller

the little stars

no regret

Left: Tandika Star
Right: Tandika Star