Art Journal: Underpinnings 2

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A while back I showed you a page in my art journal that was just a scribbled background. I call this kind of page an “underpinning” because it is what will end up under whatever else goes on the page. It may or may not show in the final version.

I’m making a section in my journal of various type of underpinnings.

I’m showing you this one this week because I’m working with teal, yellow and grey. I used those colors for this example.

This page was created using Derwent Inktense pencils on ungessoed paper. After the pencils were applied, a bit of matte medium was mixed with some water, and that was used, with a brush, to dissolve and spread the pencil. In some cases, the color was spread quite a bit, creating a watercolor effect. In others, it was gently applied to the mark to preserve it’s original structure as much as possible.

These pages will serve as reminders, when I have blank page issues, of things that I can do to get started.

What do you do to break a blank page?