Drafting Shoes

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I have a big thing about shoes. Personally, I have 3 pairs that I wear: flip-flops, at home, sneakers for hiking and walking a lot and sandals to wear in the summer.

But for my dolls, it’s another story. It seems like most of them have more shoes than clothes! I normally make a pair to go with each outfit.

I changed the Luna Lapin pattern to make Mitsuki and now the feet are longer. This means I have to draft an entirely new pattern for a basic shoe. Once I have it, I can modify it for any kind of shoe.

This is what I ended up with yesterday. It fits well. As you can see, it was draft #5. I tape-n-try the paper patterns until I get what I think will work, then I make it from felt to test it. Now I have to make another with an inner sole to keep it flat when worn.