New Bunny

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In Japan, there is a traditional myth about a white rabbit that lives in the moon. Also, in the winter, snow sculptures are made representing small, white rabbits or hares. They are referred to as yuki usagi.

I was originally going to give my new bunny a french personality, but I have changed my mind. She is going to be Japanese.

So, I’m introducing you to Mitsuki Bun-Bun.

She is based on the Luna Lapin rabbit pattern, but with some variations. To begin with, Luna is supposed to be made from felt, with fabric in her ears and on her foot pads. I didn’t have the right kind of felt, so I redrafted the pattern to allow me to make her from fabric.

I also changed the foot design. The new design is much easier to make that sewing a foot-pad piece to the bottom of the foot. Even by hand, that was difficult. (I did try it, and I hated the result.) I also wanted a foot that was a little bit longer so it was more rabbit-like.

I am still debating about giving her an embroidered nose and mouth. I have mixed feelings about it, because I like her the way she is.

Apparently she is wanting to do some sewing, and I am suggesting under garments to start with!

Stay tuned for more!