Craft or Not

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Studio 1 was set up as a classroom… until the pandemic.

Now, I am sewing and I need it set up differently to accommodate what I am currently doing.

We did some work on it a while back, and rearranged the parts that I had. But I needed a way to store fabric. I did get it sorted out by color, but I ended up putting in in a variety of containers and stacked them up against the back wall.

I searched for a solution and I found what I wanted at Ikea, but they have been either “out of stock”, or “not available for delivery” or “not available for pick up” for a long time.

They were finally restocked, but the only option available was to go in person to pick them up. Not thrilled. However, Ikea supposedly has a “senior hour” on Tuesday morning. We went, and it wasn’t too busy. We got them! Amazingly, they all fit in the car, too!

I got four of these.

Now we have to put them together….

Stay tuned.