Watch for Pixies

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The pixies are coming… the pixies are coming!

Every mythology has some small, often flying little creatures. Sometimes they are a bit mischievous, and sometimes sweet. They live in forests, gardens, meadows and seashores. Their clothing is often made of found items, or sometimes bits of cloth stolen from mending baskets. They often come out at night, but are occasionally seen during the day.

This is the first test of my new pixie pattern! This little creature is 10-1/2 inches tall (26 cm). I am working on a final draft, but I thought you would like to see what I have come up with so far!

I was so happy to find these two fabrics in my stash. I wanted something that was softer, a bit sophisticated, and patterned in such a way that it could work as camouflage for a forest or meadow. I feel like this is perfect.

This smaller size will use less fabric and allow me to stretch my stash as far as I can, but still be a reasonable size to sew for.

I’m quite happy to introduce Fern, my forest Pixie!

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