Fabric Storage

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The wall of drawers is completed! I’m quite happy with the results. Before, all of the fabric was living in stacked bins on the floor. So every time I wanted a piece, I would have to unstack them and dig through the layers to find what I wanted. Now, all I have to do is pull open the drawer for the color I want!

In each drawer, the fabric is folded and set on edge, so it’s like looking through a lateral file. This makes it much easier when I’m just trying to figure out what I want, or looking for a specific piece.

High volume colors, like green and blue take up two drawers. The top one holds all the printed fabrics and the one beneath the solids. I save small scraps in a Zip Lock bag, to use for applique and “Franken Fabric”.

Now that this job is done, I can go back to sewing and fun!