Trying Again

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I can sew. I can knit. I’ve done macrame. And I can do lots of other things.

I suck at crochet. I’ve never had anyone around who could teach me.

So I have decided, since I’ve seen some cute things, (not grandma doilies,) that I would like to be able to make, to try to actually learn how to do this.

I have a few books with cute patterns, and of course, there is YouTube, which can be a good teacher. I hope I can find someone I can ask about confusing things over the internet.

This is my first try, just following instructions for “basic stitches”. This wasn’t meant to create anything in particular.

I also purchased a set of hooks that came in this case with lots of other necessary accessories. I like the idea of everything fitting into this case, including snippers for cutting the yarn. Hopefully, it will help me to keep things organized in one place.

Next, to tackle a simple pattern!