A Mischief of Impkins


Today, I wanted to introduce you to the Crochet Impkins book by Megan Lapp , owner of Crafty Intentions! .

Megan is a gifted pattern designer who specializes in unique, fantasy-based crochet designs. Her patterns are very well written, clear, and easy to follow. While she suggests that you have a good grasp of basic crochet stitches, and be at about an intermediate level, she actually has patterns that suit every skill level from beginner to advanced.

This book is no exception. It is very well written, full of clear instructions, and I was able to follow the patterns, although I have just above rank beginner skills.

As the cover says, it is full of patterns for creating your very own little impkins. There are two sitting and two standing body styles. But that’s just the beginning! There are so many designs for add-ons and accessories that you’ll be busy for a very long time! There are options for hats and horns, things like tails and antennae, and even various clothing type items!

The words “Over a million possible combinations! Yes, really!” on the cover are true! Between this book and your imagination, you can create anything from a ninja turtle Impkin to your very own cthulhu kitten! If you can dream it, you can make an Impkin to represent it!

If you would like to see more of Megan’s patterns, you can find them on Ravelry and Etsy .

If you purchase any of her patterns, you can get help and inspiration from other’s in Megan’s Crafty Intentions Facebook group.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll be showing you some of the things that I created, using the instructions from the book, a bit of my own experimentation, and a healthy dose of imagination!

Stay tuned!

Oh, by the way, a group of Impkins is called a “mischief”! This was decided by concensus in the Crafty Intentions FB Group!

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