Impkin: Charles


This is Charles. Actually, his full name is Charlemagne Puppington III, but he doesn’t like to tell anyone that, preferring everyone to just call him “Charlie”!

Charlie is an Entomologist and an upstanding member of the Royal Canine Entomological Society. He spends all of his time outdoors hunting down new and interesting species, and often testing them for their culinary adaptability… by eating them! So far, only a few of his subjects have bitten him back, but he has suffered through a few trips to the doctor for bad reactions.

Charlie has Type 2 Arms* with the Standing Body Type 2*, along with Puppy Dog Ears*. He also has a standard Puppy Tail*, as you can see below.


Charlie’s Lab Coat is not in the book. Again, I wasn’t sure how to make it, but after some experimentation, he liked what I created and put it on straight away. He hasn’t taken it off since!

*These patterns are in the “Crochet Impkins” book, by Megan Lapp.

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