Impkin: Cherry


Please say “Hello” to Cherry, a Wood Nymph Impkin. Cherry is most often seen in the Spring and early Summer playing and gathering herbs and flowers in meadow openings, and beside small brooks, in between the trees.


This was actually designed by my 13-year old! She sketched out everything she wanted and then gave me the drawing. She did a great job, incuding detailed information.

I let her pick out all the yarn colors and went to work.

This impkin has Type 2 Arms* with the Standing Body Type 2*. I improvised the ears a bit, they are basically the Elf Ears*, but I modified them to have the pink lining using the technique for the Cat Ears*. The Belly Pocket* is great for carrying home treasures from her adventures.

The eyes are painted by me, with pink glitter.

For the flowers and leaves, I just improvised, making a variety and then pinning them in place until I got a combination I liked. The strings are the “tails” of the pieces in each stack. They are actually removable because I attached them to tiny, clear rubberbands, which are around each ear!

I wasn’t my initial intention to leave the strings hanging down, but when the kid and I looked at it, we liked it that way, so I just trimed them up so they wouldn’t touch the ground and left them alone.

This particular impkin has been frequently commented on and has turned out to be very popular!

While some of it was challenging, because I had never done some of the things I tried, I did feel confident attempting them and I’m happy with the results.

Even better, the original designer loved it! So I count that as a total success!

*These patterns are in the “Crochet Impkins” book, by Megan Lapp.

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