Impkin: Elvis


I’d like you to meet Elvis, an Impkin Dragon. Elvis is a musician, and loves to DJ for the other Impkins!

I started this character with Arms, Type 2* and Standing Body, Type 2*. My intention was to create a dinosaur, because that was what that skein of yarn was crying out to be. I did add the Dinosaur/Dragon Tail* before this little one woke up and his personality emerged.

Just like many other Impkins, this one had ideas of his own. He asked for those Spiky Ears* and the Triangle Scales* which run from the top of his head to the tip of his tail.

He has also asked for Black high-top shoes. I am not quite sure how to make those… they fall outside what is available in the book! I’m going to have to look at shoes for other crochet dolls and toys and see if I can improvise something!

*These patterns are in the “Crochet Impkins” book, by Megan Lapp.

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