Art Journal: Micro Art Journal: February Book


Welcome to February!

This month I am focusing on a theme of Romance. Valentine’s Day is February 14, so it seems appropriate. I’m going with roses and other flowers, pink, red, white and gold, hearts and other items associated with romance.

Above is the cover I’m using for my micro art journal. I used this one last year and I liked it so much, I’m going to use it again.


I created the cover from a piece of scrapbook paper. It was then laminated and the eyelets added. Finally the elastic is strung through the eyelets to create the small Traveler’s Notebook.


The back side of the scrapbook paper was plain white. I added various stamps, and inking to give it some character.


Here, you can see the completed set, held inside the book.


This book has 4 pocket folders created using coordinating scrapbook papers.


And inside each folder is the book in which the art journaling is done.

I’m excited to use this set again this year. It is one of my favorites from the past!

If you are interested in Micro Art Journaling, or want more information, check out the Micro Art Journaling group on Facebook!

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