Impkin: Ellie


I’m so happy to introduce you to Ellowyn Hortensia Elephanta, a Prima Ballerina. If you know her well, you may call her by her nickname, Ellie.

She has Type 2 Arms* with the Standing Body Type 2*, along with Large, Round Ears*, and a lovely curved Snoot*. She also has a small, thin improvised tail with a few hairs at the end.

Since she is constantly dancing, you will usually find her dressed in her favorite Tutu* and wearing a Wide Crown* with golden touches.

Ellie comes from a long line of performers, what with both her mother and grandmother having been well placed circus performers. Her mother encouraged her to study ballet, knowing that her daughter could reach beyond the tents and into the theatre. You’ll want to see her on opening night in her latest performace of Nikiya, in La Bayadère, or The Temple Dancer!

*These patterns are in the “Crochet Impkins” book, by Megan Lapp.

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