Impkin: Pinkie Pony


Meet Pinkie Pony! She’s a very outgoing MLP** Impkin Cosplayer. She loves to dress up and appear at various Comicons across the U.S.!

Pinkie has Type 2 Arms* with the Standing Body Type 2*, along with Pony Ears*, and a Unicorn Horn*. She also has a lovely, rainbow colored, Long Curly Mane*, of which she is very proud!

This little impkin demanded a “party dress”. I didn’t have the heart to say no, so after several attempts, I came up with this lovely blue dress.


The dress closes in the back using buttons.


Pinkie is a bit disappointed that this dress hides her gorgeous tail, but it does open lower in the back so she could show it off… if it’s “that kind of party.” LOL!

I made this Impkin in honor of my oldest daughter who is a huge MLP fan, Cosplayer and costume maker extraordinaire.

*These patterns are in the “Crochet Impkins” book, by Megan Lapp.

**My Little Pony

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