These are the final pages in my La Nouvelle Mode art journal. While they are not complex, I felt that the last page, on the right, celebrates the joy of the journey as it might have been felt by the imaginary traveler. The page on the left has space to add a sticker or two, or some other decorative item of the user’s choice. It could also be left, just as it is, as a beautiful contrast to the dancer on the right.
This is the back side of page 6 and the front side of page 7. On the left page is a frame around an empty space. This space could be used for a quick sketch or additional journaling. On the left side of this layout, there is a decorative strip that holds a book mark. This strip is often referred to as a “belly band”. It can be a piece that is attached at both ends or a strip that wraps around a page.
Today we’re looking at the back side of page 4 and the front side of page 5. These pages are tipped into the right fold of the trifold cover. On the left side, you can see the front of a journaling card. This card is held into the journal by a tiny binder clip. Here, you see the back side of the card. There are two different spaces for journaling or notes.
Today, we’re looking at the half-way point in the trifold journal! The image above is the back side of page 3, the center back of the trifold cover and the front side of page 4. Above is a closer look at the back side of page 3 and the inside, center of the trifold cover. This is a closer look at the center of the cover and the front of page 4.
If you recall, last week we were looking at my first journal made using the Journal Template Die Set from Art Impressions . Here, you can see the back side of page 2 and the front side of page 3. The left side has a small envelope attached to the page, and inside there are two, translucent, washi-style stickers. The right side has a decorative pocket. I managed to cut it to frame the typewriter, which was on the paper, nicely.
Today we’re looking at the back of the first page on the left side of the tri-fold book. This page has an additional pocket added to it. The pocket, itself, has a slit in it which holds a tag. In the pocket behind the tag there is decorative card and a decorative tag. The last item to the right is the journaling tag from the pocket slit. The back side of the shirt tag is plain white, so I didn’t include it in the photo above.
Continuing from yesterday’s post, this is the first view when you open the cover of Victorian Dressmaker’s Notebook. Because this book is a tri-fold, you see the part of the outside cover that is folded to the inside of the book when it is closed. When the cover is opened, you see the first pages, which are attached to the left side of the book. This book is set up with three double-sided pages tipped into the cover on each side, giving it 12 inner pages.
I made this book some time ago, but I thought I would finally share it here. It is constructed from scrapbook papers, found items, card stock, and some odds and ends I’ve had for a long time. The theme is a Victorian Dressmaker’s Notebook in Paris. It could be a book in which she kept notes, samples of fabrics, and sketches of designs, perhaps. The book is constructed as a tri-fold.