This is my new, Arteza Gouache swatch board, based on the layout of the colors in my boxes. The top three rows are in the blue box, and the bottom 3 are the grey box. There are 60 colors, total. When I did the original swatches, I used paint right from the tube. For this board, water was added to the dried paint and then painted in each rectangle. This is more of a watercolor style and I like the colors much better this way.
Yesterday, I showed you my planned palette set up for my Arteza gouache. Here, you can see that I’ve added the paint to each well, in the pre-planned positions. I let it dry over night. It is really interesting to see how matte the colors are now that they have dried. Originally, they were very shiny and wet looking right out of the tube. The paint was very creamy and easy to squeeze out of the tube.
I have had a large set of Arteza Gouache for several months. When I first got it, I swatched out the colors but then I put them away to concentrate on another project. Now that I have a lot of time on my hands, I decided to pull them out and set them up in the palette boxes. I cut apart the little swatchs, and that allowed me to arrange them on top of the wells in the order that I want.