It’s hairdo day for my little doll! I think she’s very cute! This hairstyle is a wig that is crocheted flat and then stitched together. Next time, I will choose a lighter weight yarn, as this turned out a bit heavy. Fortunately, the “stub” neck style is very sturdy, and the head isn’t flopping over. I have to say, making the “curls” wasn’t a lot of fun. It was difficult to get the hook through the chain after each section of 2 single-crochets.

I’m so excited! Isn’t she cute! Her head came out perfectly and, as far as I can see, I didn’t make any mistakes! That’s a first! Now, to try crocheting her some hair! I think I’ll make her a dark blonde. Just dark enough to provide contrast to the body, but lighter than brown. Stay tuned!

I’m taking a short break from the Bina the Bear pattern because I found a cute, crochet doll pattern, for free, on Ravelry. It is Sweet Ami’s by Beth Webber. I only had a minor problem, with the left arm, but I’ve gotten this far without any major issues. I’m much happier with the tops of the feet for this project. They are much better than Bina’s! Next I have to make the head.