I skipped over pants and shorts to get to the T-Shirt, so that my doll would have a top to go with her skirt. I chose a varigated yarn that I thought would match the skirt. IRL, it matches better than the photographs. The color changes didn’t work out as well as I hoped… I wanted the turquoise up higher on the shirt so it had a different color right next to the blue.
The next article of clothing in the Crochet You book is a cute skirt with a scallop trim on the bottom. I liked this blue color with the hair and skin of the doll. I also have a varigated skein of yarn that I think will look cute used for a tshirt to go with it. The skirt is worked in continuous rows around, except for a few rows at the beginning.
The first clothing pattern in the book was for Underwear. Because I’m not using the same weight of yarn called for, it required a bit of experimentation, but I settled on ILTY from Hobby Lobby in white, and a 3.75mm hook. The pattern is simple and works up quickly. However, the way the “legs” were done seem a bit awkward to me. The pattern is worked from the bottom to the waist.
I posted the first installment of this project on March 4th. Finally, after almost two weeks, I’m back on track. Unfortunately, my whole family came down with a nasty virus, and we’ve ALL been sick, including me! I sincerely hope that is in the past, and I can move on with this project! When the body is finished, the next step is to give the doll hair. A kind of wig cap is crochet, creating “rows” by only using the back or front loop of the rows.