The wall of drawers is completed! I’m quite happy with the results. Before, all of the fabric was living in stacked bins on the floor. So every time I wanted a piece, I would have to unstack them and dig through the layers to find what I wanted. Now, all I have to do is pull open the drawer for the color I want! In each drawer, the fabric is folded and set on edge, so it’s like looking through a lateral file.

Even a snail gets to where it’s going eventually! All the drawer units are built and put into place. They’ve been cleaned, and there’s now room on the table to lay out the fabric so it can be organized and put into the drawers. Guess what I’ll be doing all day!

Progress. Two more to go.

Studio 1 was set up as a classroom… until the pandemic. Now, I am sewing and I need it set up differently to accommodate what I am currently doing. We did some work on it a while back, and rearranged the parts that I had. But I needed a way to store fabric. I did get it sorted out by color, but I ended up putting in in a variety of containers and stacked them up against the back wall.