I’d like you to meet the newest addition to my collection of Tilda Friends. Her name is Bessie. As you can see, she is a cow. I was a bit worried about sewing on the horns by hand, but they turned out to be much easier than I thought they were going to be! I think she needs a nose, but I’m still playing with the idea and haven’t come up with something I’m happy with yet.

Progress is being made! This all-American friend is coming together! Stay tuned!

I’ve been working on a new friend while watching TV. I’ve had this fabric for quite a while. And I actually have quite a bit of it. I like using it for this one, because this animal will be a midwestern, all American type girl. The red, white and blue spots will be perfect. I think I’ll name her Bessie.

Today, you get to meet Katie Yoté. She is a coyote character, based on the Tilda Friends Fox pattern! Her body and limbs are the same shapes as the cat pattern, with a different shaped head and ears. This means their clothing will be interchangeable. At first, I just painted her eyes. But she didn’t look quite right. After a bit of looking at photos of real coyotes, I decided to paint her nose, also.

Yesterday, all you could see was the wrong side of the fabric. Now you can see the right side. I bet you didn’t guess what critter this is yet! No, not another cat. I am only making one of each animal, for the time being. Hint: Her name will be Katie.

I’m working on another Tilda Friends! I plan to make an entire zoo, because they go together very easily! And all the clothes I make will be interchangeable. In this image, you get to guess what it will be. Hint: you are looking at the wrong side of the fabric. Did you figure it out yet?