This post is going to be more about Rust than about art. You have been warned! As I was working on moving the Hyphae code into TAHGA Lib , I found too much complexity and repetition in what I had done before. What I was doing to modularize it for the library was making matters worse. The problem was that I needed a structure to define a hypha, a single strand that grows over time until it dies.
Those of you who are paying close attention (all of you, I am sure…) may have noticed that things are getting just a bit unwieldy. Two recent posts, The Return of the Boids and Flying Triangles , both use the Boids algorithm. Likewise, two other posts, Watercolor Stroke and Revisiting the Watercolor Stroke , both rely on the Watercolor Stroke code. What’s more, the Watercolor Stroke is intended to be used in several future projects.