Blue. I decided to experiment with a blue pen for this tile. I also shaded part of it with a blue colored pencil… after I did the Cirquital with a regular pencil and realized it looked a bit odd. Zentangle drawn on Official Zentangle tile using a blue, Micron pen. Tangles: Barbd Cadent Cirquital Criss & Cross Dex Printemps Sedgling Sez Worms

Shades of Grey. Originally, I wanted to do a lot of grey values with pencil on this tile. But when that was done, the King‘s Crown pattern was very lost in the background and the black section on the Cirquitals looked too flat. Then I decided to add the white highlights, which I don‘t normally do on a white tile. Bingo! It just popped the designs right up and made them so much more dimentional.

Zentangle drawing done with Micron pen on Zentangle Tile. Tangles: Cadent Cirquital Claire Flutter Inapod Marasu Meer Quabog