Daily Zen: 2018051101

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Velvet Elvis.

This odd-shaped tile is totally experimental. A couple of months ago, my older daughter came for a visit. One of the things we did while she was here involved using Oxide Distress Ink on scraps of black card stock. Besides just having fun, we were trying to see if the inks would work on black, since they contain white pigment under the dye ink. I had a couple dozen scraps of 4” x 3” paper, and we inked most of them.

Friday, I pulled open my paper drawer to grab a tile, and I saw these sitting there. So, I grabbed the one I though had the least distinction to tangle on. I went with a standby tangle, Crazy Huggins, because it’s easy, and can be filled with other tangles if you make it big enough.

I decided to try a few different gel pens I have, just to see if they would work over the Distress ink, and also under the Copic markers and colored pencils. So, I was merrily tangling along, when I realized that this reminded me of a velvet painting! And that’s what prompted me to add the silver dots along all the borders.

I have to say, I’m actually totally surprised by how it turned out. I actually really like it!

For anyone who is interested, I used Uniball Signo UM-120AC for the purple and pink, and Pilot Juice Up 04 for the blue and aqua. The Silver is a Slicci, and the white dots on the circles is an 08 white Sakura Gelly Roll. All of these pens dried in a reasonable amount of time. All of them can be drawn over with Copic markers without smearing. All of them are kind of difficult to use colored pencil over… you have to be patient and repeat strokes, but it does kind of work.

Zentangle drawn on black card stock using various gel pens. Background created with Oxide Distress Inks. Coloring done with colored pencil. Shading done with Copic marker and colored pencil.

Tangles: Crazy Huggins Crazy Nzeppel Shattuck