Daily Zen: 2018051401

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This is my first tile from Eni’s Fragmented Windows video lesson! I’m really excited about this method because it is a very unique way of exploring the various Fragments from the Zentangle Primer. It was a lot of fun to do. Eni refers to the sections with designs in them as “windows”, but to me, they look like rooms in a floor plan.

This one follows the lesson rather closely, but I’m looking forward to creating more tiles incorporating my own spin on the concept.

Zentangle drawn on Strathmore Vellum Bristol using a black, Micron pen. Shading done with Copic markers and graphite pencil.

Tangles: Florz Fragment B7 Fragment D2 Fragment E5 Fragment J2 Fragment K2 Fragment L2 Fragment Q5 Fragment T7 Fragment Z7 Patena Pina Pokeroot