Art Journal: Mini Traveler Day 3

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Last week I made a tiny Traveler’s Notebook. Then, I started using the first booklet insert as an art journal, and showed you the first two pages. Today, I’m showing you the next two pages.

When I made this book, I was thinking of it as a “test”. I wasn’t, originally planning on drawing in the booklets inside, so I used scrap paper. As a result, several of the pages already had various markings on them.

So, now that I am drawing, I either need to incorporate these marks, cover them, or just totally ignore them.

On the page on the left, I decided to use a bit of tangling, Purk, on top of the marks that were there. Then, I added more color.

For the right-hand page, I just ignored the grey marker streaks and just drew the sunflower. Then I used watercolors on the page.

I think both techniques worked out pretty well.


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