Art Journal: Tiny Trade Art Journal

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The Micro Art Journal Facebook group is currently having a trading session where we are each making a blank micro art journal and then mailing it off to our trading partner.

My partner sent me this tiny journal made from a Monopoly game card! I think it’s amazing! And it came in a fantastic envelope with a thank you card inside and a note from the sender. The envelope was sealed shut with washi tape, which I carefully peeled off and stuck to the Halloween dashboard that you see here. I am saving all of these parts to use again!

It is about 1-34” inches tall and only 1-14” wide. The cover is held closed by yellow and white string wrapped around the head of a brad fastener.

You can see the rest of the game card on the back side.

Inside there are two tiny booklets.

Each one is held in place by an elastic as in the Traveler’s Notebook style.

I absolutely love it! And I’ve thought of the theme that I will be using to create a story inside it. I just hope I can make my idea work on these tiny pages!

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