Tool Tip: DS Dots

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Instead of showing you art, today, I want to show you something that I use to make it.

I’ve been using watercolor a lot lately. I decided, since I’m making tiny pictures, to get a set of Daniel Smith Dots from Amazon. This is a set of small “dots” of every color of Daniel Smith watercolor paints.

I wanted to be able to take them with me when I travel or want to work at the local coffee shop for a change of pace. But the large sheets are awkward to transport.

I cut each sheet into smaller, 14 sized pieces. But how to store and transport them? I discovered that they fit into a small, 4” x 6” photo book that I already had!

There is also a piece of plastic in the sleeve, on top of the dots. I put that in there so that a “stick” dot wouldn’t transfer color to the inside of the sleeve. This way, I can take out the plastic and rinse it off if I need to.

I also wanted to make sure that I put the same sheet of dots back into it’s own sleeve (so I didn’t transfer paint from one sheet to another.) So I used a label maker and printed out the name of the first color in the upper left and stuck it on the plastic!

This system is working out really well for me. I pull out the sheet of dots I need, use it, and let it dry over night on my desk. Then I put it back in the photo book the next morning. I’ve also taken the whole book with me, and put away slightly damp sheets, and so far, not had any issues.

I love these dots, and this system for taking a large amount of colors with me! And I love using the dots on my micro art pages!