Pencil Storage

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I was reorganizing Studio II before the holidays. I wanted to get all the little buckets of pencils off of the drafting table so that I could use the table itself.

A couple of days after I started thinking about how to do this, we were walking through Ikea for exercise (you can get a lot of steps in if you walk the whole showroom and marketplace!) and I came across a solution!

These buckets hang on bars that are mounted on the wall! But you can take them off the bar easily to use the contents and then put them back when you are done! I really like this because it frees up space in the room.

They aren’t very expensive. The buckets are 79 cents each and the bars are $1.99! I think this would work for storing all sorts of art tools, not just pencils! You can find them on the Ikea website.

And yes, I still have the original drawers that were there. They are now in the closet, which I am also in the process of rearranging! I’ll show you that in another post!