May Technique Cards

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I’ve chosen my art project for the month of May! I will be making “technique cards”. These are cards that serve as a kind of reminder and dictionary of the various possible techniques that can be used in art journaling or image making.

To be truthful, I started this project a few years ago. I began by gathering up all the junk mail that comes in, random pieces of card stock and cardboard and anything else that could be used as a card base.

Then I used a paper cutter to cut them into rectangles that are 4 inches high by 3-78 inches wide. That’s a bit larger than trading card size, but there’s a reason which I’ll explain in another post.

I used a corner rounding punch to give the cards a smooth, rounded corner.

Then I used either clear or white gesso to give each card a base coat.

The four brightly colored cards at the far right in the image are actually paint chips. I cut them to size, and then used them without any gesso.

Using Photoshop, I designed a form to keep track of what I’ve done to the front of the card. I managed to arrange eight copies on a page, so I print them and then cut them all out.

Then I glue them to the back of the cards.

After I add a technique to the front of the card, I can add notes to the back so that I can remember how I did it.

I am starting this project with this book:

I will be working through it, chapter by chapter, trying all of the experiments, and sometimes adding more of my own.

When I’m done, I should have a whole library of cards which I can use in various ways! In addition, I should learn a lot.

Follow along with me by trying these techniques in your journaling pages, or make your own set of technique cards!