Art Journal: Technique Card 1

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The key-word for the first set of cards is “Stamping”. This first card illustrates stamping in it’s simplest form: stamping with paint on the card.

To create your own version of this card you would need:

  • gessoed card
  • craft paint
  • foam stamps
  • brayer
  • plastic craft mat

I used foam stamps (as opposed to regular rubber or clear polymer.) I put a drop of paint on the craft mat and then used a brayer to apply craft paint to the stamps. Then I stamped on the card.

This worked well. I did need to make sure that enough paint was applied to the stamp. I also needed to move quickly because the paint dried quickly.

The foam stamps that I used, I’ve had for a long time. I don’t know if this type of stamp is still available or not. However, you can make you own from craft foam.

Cut your shapes from a sheet of thick craft foam. Using special glue designed for the foam, glue the shapes to another piece of foam or to a piece of gessoed cardboard.

You’ll be able to use these stamps over and over again. Clean them with soap and water or a baby wipe!