Art Journal: Doodles 1

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How do you doodle?

Just about everyone does it.

Maybe you doodle around the margins of your notes in school. Perhaps you like to play with your pen when you’re on the phone. How about while you’re waiting for an appointment?

Doodling helps to pass the time. It engages the brain. And it’s good practice for motor skills.

If you don’t doodle, maybe you should give it a try! You can get a little sketch book… one that fits in your pocket. Add a pen or a mechanical pencil and you’re good to go!

You don’t have to produce a fine work of art. On my little page above, I’ve chosen to draw some cute little animals. As you can see, I wasn’t going for perfection… just variety.

So here’s your challenge: grab a sketchbook, some scrap paper, or the back of an envelope… anything you can draw on. Find a tool to make marks: pen, pencil… whatever you have! During the day, today, doodle away… cover it with your wonderful, fun doodles.

And tomorrow, post your results. Instagram, Facebook, blog… wherever, with the hashtag: #doodledoit!