Art Journal: New Art Journal

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As I was cleaning up and rearranging this weekend, I came across this tablet of really nice watercolor paper.

I had purchased this to make some Zentangle tiles, but it turned out that this paper didn’t work well for that purpose.

So I’ve decided to make a new art journal from the remainder of the paper. To keep this fairly simple, I’m just folding each sheet of paper in half, and using two sheets to create a signature. This paper is heavy (140 lb) so using 3 sheets in a signature creates a wide variation between the open edges that is a bit too much for my taste. Two sheets creates a bit of variation, by I’m fine with it. The alternative would be to trim the irregular edges, but I would rather not do that.

I found a new package of linen thread, but I need to find my beeswax before I start sewing.

I will use the back cardboard from the pad to make the cover.

I’m looking forward to working in this journal because I have some new ideas!