Daily Zen: 2019110401

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#1 - This is the first in my series of fountain pen, shimmer and sheen ink tests.

I am currently using the 2019 Gratitangles list. The first tangle is Rain.

What ink could me more appropriate than the Jacques Herbin Stormy Sky ink! This ink is a deep, flannel grey color with very tiny, sparse gold flecks. It worked well in the fountain pen and covered nicely in the areas that are filled in. The drying time on a standard Bijou tile was very reasonable.

I’m sorry you can’t see this in person. It is very hard to capture a decent photograph of anything that is sparkly or metallic. And the sheen here is very subtle, making it even more difficult.

As it has turned out, I really like this ink color, even if I can’t see the gold. The grey is dark enough to make it almost black without going all the way over to the dark side. I think it would be lovely on a tan or grey tile.

Zentangle drawn on an Official, Zentangle Bijou tile using a Jane Davenport fountain pen filled with J. Herbin, Stormy Grey ink. Shading done with graphite pencil.

Tangles: Rain