Art Journal: Painting With Friends

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A Facebook friend of mine posted a photo of a book she had that she was thinking about learning from. It turned out, I have that same book, and I’ve never gone through it!

Both of us are needing some extra motivation to get things done around the house. So we have decided to use this book as motivation.

Here’s how it works. We set some chore that we dread, but really need to get done. When it’s finished, our reward is we get to do one exercise from the book. We will be taking an “art break” in between our chores!

Today’s pic shows you the book, and the watercolor set that I will be using.

When we’ve finished an exercise, we will post it on Facebook in our feed. We will be able to see what the other has done, make suggestions and share ideas… even though we are far apart physically!

If anyone else has this book sitting on their shelf, and hasn’t done it yet, you’re more than welcome to join us!