Art Journal: Peeling Paint

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Yesterday I was determined to accomplish something, anything in the studio.

I’ve been wanting to experiment with peeling paint off my palette and using it in some manner. So I decided to try it on one of the junk mail cards. It peeled off in chunks and strips and I used Liquatex Matte Medium to glue it to the card.

I discovered that side that is against the palette is often very differently colored than the front, so you get some surprises. I also found that it is very slick and shiny. I like the texture the pieces created.

I think this will work even better if I start making the skins a bit thicker to make them easier to handle.

After it was all dry, I added the glitter. I just wanted to play with glitter because it makes me happy.

I will probably add more to this. I see a butterfly and possibly a dragon. I’ll have to see what my intuition nudges me into doing from here.

I actually started several cards, so you’ll be seeing more of these.

Painters just want to have fun!