Green Sneakers

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If you recall, in yesterday’s post, I mentioned that Tuna needed a pair of green shoes to go with her polka-dot jeans and butterfly top.

I was so excited to make these!

I found a piece of green kettle cloth that I’ve probably had for 45 years. There isn’t much left of the piece, but it was one of my favorite fabrics. I wish they still made kettle cloth/weaver’s cloth in colors!

I used the same green, polka-dot fabric for the toes of the shoes, and lining, that I used to make the pockets on the jeans. The sides of the shoes came from fabric I haven’t used for Tuna’s wardrobe. Yet. And the tongue of the shoe is the same as the sleeves of the butterfly tunic.

While I was searching for green scraps to use, I found a small piece of pink grosgrain ribbon that also has a little green on the edges! As soon as I saw it, I knew what I would do with it.

While there was a fair amount of applique on these, once that part was done, sewing the shoes themselves together went very quickly.

They came out so cute!

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