Pants for Tuna

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The next pattern in the instruction booklet for this cat is for a pair of jeans.

I chose to make them from some fun and funky fabrics that fit in with my color scheme, rather than traditionally colored denim.

The pink polkadot fabric is actually very special. I’ve had scraps of this ever since my oldest granddaughter, who is now 18, was a very little girl. When she was young, I made her a dress that was very brightly colored, and had the front of a VW Bus appliqued and embroidered in the front! She had asked me for a “Hippy Dress”. This pink fabric was part of the dress.

Just because the pants were already going to be kind of funky, I decided to go with the green polkadot for the pockets. There are two on each side of the top, front…

… And two on each side of the top, back!

Although the pants look a bit like they were stolen from a circus clown, I still really like them. And they look adorable with the butterfly top!

I think, to finish off the outfit, she needs a pair of green shoes!


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