The largest part of this project, the body, is almost done. I did make some mistakes, but about half-way through, I got the hang of it. After that, things got much better! After a few more rows, I have to do the tail, and stitch it to the body. Then, I can move on to the arms. Bina is starting to shape up.

This body is growing. I’ve added stuffing to the feet, legs and part of the body. It’s fun to see this shape up, but I now realize one leg seems to be a row shorter than the other. I bought a new row counter, so maybe that will help?

Well, I have two legs and got them crocheted together. And I’ve learned some things: I don’t know how to do the invisible decrease properly, I have holes at the top of the feet, where the stuffing shows through. They just look messed up to me. Crocheting on dark yarn requires good light. I keep messing up the stitch count. I think I may be skipping over a stitch occasionally because I didn’t see them.

I finished the first bug from the Lalylala book. So I feel ready to tackle a bigger-sized project. I’ve chosen another Lalylala, but this time from her Doll Project. Bina the Bear, appears to be the first one, since it says No.I on the instructions. I figure it will be the least complicated and give me practice with the basic project without any additional things added, other than ears and tail.