These are meant to go under the wings I showed you on Tuesday. Stitching all the lines, using a stem stitch and embroidery thread has turned out to be much more tedious than I had planned on. I’m going to finish these, but I probably won’t use this style again. But it does look nice! #artdoll #pixiedoll #wings #dressupdoll #sewing #patterns

I’ve been playing around with various wing concepts. This is a first trial run of one of them. What do you think? #artdoll #pixiedoll #wings #dressupdoll #sewing #patterns

Pixies need wings to fly. Making templates and playing with ideas here. #artdoll #pixiedoll #dressupdoll #sewing #patterns

The pixies are coming… the pixies are coming! Every mythology has some small, often flying little creatures. Sometimes they are a bit mischievous, and sometimes sweet. They live in forests, gardens, meadows and seashores. Their clothing is often made of found items, or sometimes bits of cloth stolen from mending baskets. They often come out at night, but are occasionally seen during the day. This is the first test of my new pixie pattern!