Yesterday, a friend and I got together so I could show her how to replace the pages of an existing, hard-covered book and create a Junk Journal. I did one a couple of weeks ago. In the first post, I showed you how to remove the original pages and cut and fold new ones. In the second post, I showed how easy it is to attach the new pages to the empty cover.

In yesterday’s post, I showed you how I was changing a small book into a type of junk journal. Today, I’m continuing with how I created the new book. We left off with cutting out a number of new pages from all different kinds of paper. The next step is to stack up all of the pages, and align them at the spine. Then use clothes pins or binder clips or something similar to hold all the pages tightly in space near the spine edge.

This is a small gift book. It measures 82 mm wide by 11 mm high. Here, the dust jacket has been removed and set aside to be used in this or another project! As you can see, the word “Wanderlust” is imprinted on the cover. I liked it and I think it will work well for a journal! A major critera for making this kind of Junk Journal is that the pages must not be glued to the spine.