Retro Tech
I love this Retro Tech fabric! It reminds me of the wild computer days of the 80s when it was a revolutionary idea to have a desktop computer in your home. So many of my friends are familiar with that time, that I thought this was the perfect fabric to make masks for them! Now that I’ve gotten the new sewing machine, making these is much easier! And faster!
Another set of masks for a friend and his wife. I don’t remember why I bought this fabric. There is quite a bit of yardage, at least 4 yards, it looks like. That’s fine, because it means I can make a bunch of masks from it. I like the way it looks like lots of little paint spatters. Kind of artistic, without being “in your face”. Instead, it’s going to be “on the face”!
Good Friends
I’m not planning on going into business making masks. However, I understand the need. On Friday, we had a Zoom meeting with a group of friends. There were several rectangles on the screen, lined up in rows. The person next to my husband sneezed. As a joke, my husband picked up one of his masks and put it over his face. But, as it turns out, when others saw him do that, they wanted to know where he got the mask.
My Monkeys
Five little monkey jumping on the bed, One fell off and bump his head. Mama called the doctor, And the doctor said, “No more Monkey jumping on the bed.” – Nursery Rhyme Not my circus, not my monkeys. – Polish saying The higher a monkey climbs, the more you see of its behind. – Joseph Sidwell This is another piece of fabric that I purchased just because it made me happy to look at it.
Hello Kitty
This is for me, just because it makes me happy! I bought this Hello Kitty character fabric just before I stopped sewing and put my machine in storage. I bought it, not knowing exactly what I was going to do with it. When I found it in my stash, I decided, since it looks like we’re going to be wearing masks for a while, that I would go ahead and stitch it up.
Today’s masks are brought to you by the spa. This fabric has been in my stash for years. I don’t even remember what I bought it for, originally. I have always loved the pattern because it reminds me of a meditative spa. Everyone can use a break of calm and a chance to create that pampering, spa feeling! Stay well!
Hot Stuff
Many years ago, I made my husband a shirt out of this fabric. He loved it. He wore it a lot. Now it is very worn and not particularly presentable any more. But I did find some leftover fabric from his favorite shirt in my stash! So I made a mask for him and one for myself. Also, we found a group of people who need masks. So for the rest of this week, I will be making masks for them.
As I was going through all of my bits and pieces of fabric to find some to make masks, I was thinking about what colors and patterns would be best. When I was talking to my husband, he mentioned that he didn’t care as long as “It didn’t have pink flowers.” Well, yeah! I was planning on picking things that were more “him”, than what I chose for myself.
Usually, when I am talking about masking, it is as it applies to art. For example, watercolor painting. You use a “masking fluid” to preserve the white of the paper to create highlights. When you are done, and your paint is dry, you remove the masking to reveal the white. Because of the new corona virus, we are looking at masking in a different way. However, it’s purpose is to preserve.