This is the third exercise in the Watercolor Workshop book (by Shasha Prood). Here we are swatching our blue and purple paints. I had several blues in my box, but only one purple, which I’m not thrilled with. I am thinking that I will, eventually, purchase another couple of tubes of purple paint. But I’m happy with the variety of blue. I am doing this with my friend Sandra Mitchell.

On the second day of working on the Watercolor Workshop, (by Shasha Prood), we’re making swatches of oranges and reds. I have one true orange, Cadmium Orange, but I think these other two colors, Burnt Sienna and Cadmium Red Pale, fall into this category, also. For reds, I have a primary color, Cadmium Red Deep, and another that is a cool red, Alizarin Crimson. Indian Red is a very earthy red and (again) Cadmium Red Pale is a very orangy red.

This is my first day of working on the “Watercolor Workshop” (by Shasha Prood) with my Facebook friend, Sandra Mitchell. For the first exercise, we are painting swatches of green and yellow. We are just making a color reference and understanding what happens when each color is applied to the rectangle on the paper. I started out with a “waterbrush”. You know the kind, it is sometimes referred to as a travel brush because you can fill the handle with water and take it with you.

A Facebook friend of mine posted a photo of a book she had that she was thinking about learning from. It turned out, I have that same book, and I’ve never gone through it! Both of us are needing some extra motivation to get things done around the house. So we have decided to use this book as motivation. Here’s how it works. We set some chore that we dread, but really need to get done.