You saw the new Swing Dress that I made for Tuna last week. It still needed a pair of shoes and possibly some leggings or tights to go with it. I wanted to make a pair of t-strap style shoes, a bit on the dressy side, since her dress is a bit fancy. These are what I ended up with. I’m not sure I’m too thrilled with them. It turns out that having black shoes on a leg that is grey doesn’t really provide enough contrast.
Since it’s the start of the school year, I thought I would make Tuna a new dress to celebrate! It’s not that she’s going anywhere, but any excuse is good for a new dress, right? This is the “Swing Dress” from this set of patterns. In keeping with Tuna’s color theme of pink and green, I decided to use this very special fabric for the skirt. The fabric features little figures of Red Riding Hood and the Wolf in black, green, pink, and purple.
I want to make a pair of shoes to go with the dress I showed you last week. I would like them to be “dressy” and give the illusion of fancy heels. As a quick trial, I used a scrap of fabric and folded it in half. Then I marked where I thought I should sew to make it fit. After tackling the stitching, I trimmed away the excess and tried it on her foot.
I made this doll quite a while ago. The pattern is from the MadeByMiculinko Shop on Etsy. She’s a 27-inch, Tilda-style doll. I wasn’t completely happy with her, but I did start a dress from the Little Black Dress pattern from the same store. It ended up taking much longer to complete than I had initially planned because I ended up doing quite a bit of handwork on it. The dress is completely lined.
I’d like you to meet the newest addition to my collection of Tilda Friends. Her name is Bessie. As you can see, she is a cow. I was a bit worried about sewing on the horns by hand, but they turned out to be much easier than I thought they were going to be! I think she needs a nose, but I’m still playing with the idea and haven’t come up with something I’m happy with yet.
Progress is being made! This all-American friend is coming together! Stay tuned!
I’ve been working on a new friend while watching TV. I’ve had this fabric for quite a while. And I actually have quite a bit of it. I like using it for this one, because this animal will be a midwestern, all American type girl. The red, white and blue spots will be perfect. I think I’ll name her Bessie.
Today, you get to meet Katie Yoté. She is a coyote character, based on the Tilda Friends Fox pattern ! Her body and limbs are the same shapes as the cat pattern, with a different shaped head and ears. This means their clothing will be interchangeable. At first, I just painted her eyes. But she didn’t look quite right. After a bit of looking at photos of real coyotes, I decided to paint her nose, also.
Yesterday, all you could see was the wrong side of the fabric. Now you can see the right side. I bet you didn’t guess what critter this is yet! No, not another cat. I am only making one of each animal, for the time being. Hint: Her name will be Katie.
I’m working on another Tilda Friends ! I plan to make an entire zoo, because they go together very easily! And all the clothes I make will be interchangeable. In this image, you get to guess what it will be. Hint: you are looking at the wrong side of the fabric. Did you figure it out yet?
I’m pleased to introduce Ashley, a Tilda Friends cat doll. I’ve known about Tilda patterns for several years, but since I wasn’t sewing, I hadn’t given them a try. I was surfing the web the other day, and came across a series of FREE patterns for several animals and one human doll, in the Tilda Friends series! There are eight in all: Cat, Fox, Dog, Giraffe, Elephant, Hare and Cow, along with the Fia Doll.
These are meant to go under the wings I showed you on Tuesday . Stitching all the lines, using a stem stitch and embroidery thread has turned out to be much more tedious than I had planned on. I’m going to finish these, but I probably won’t use this style again. But it does look nice! #artdoll #pixiedoll #wings #dressupdoll #sewing #patterns
I’ve been playing around with various wing concepts. This is a first trial run of one of them. What do you think? #artdoll #pixiedoll #wings #dressupdoll #sewing #patterns
Pixies need wings to fly. Making templates and playing with ideas here. #artdoll #pixiedoll #dressupdoll #sewing #patterns
The pixies are coming… the pixies are coming! Every mythology has some small, often flying little creatures. Sometimes they are a bit mischievous, and sometimes sweet. They live in forests, gardens, meadows and seashores. Their clothing is often made of found items, or sometimes bits of cloth stolen from mending baskets. They often come out at night, but are occasionally seen during the day. This is the first test of my new pixie pattern!
If you recall, in yesterday’s post, I mentioned that Tuna needed a pair of green shoes to go with her polka-dot jeans and butterfly top. I was so excited to make these! I found a piece of green kettle cloth that I’ve probably had for 45 years. There isn’t much left of the piece, but it was one of my favorite fabrics. I wish they still made kettle cloth/weaver’s cloth in colors!
The next pattern in the instruction booklet for this cat is for a pair of jeans. I chose to make them from some fun and funky fabrics that fit in with my color scheme, rather than traditionally colored denim. The pink polkadot fabric is actually very special. I’ve had scraps of this ever since my oldest granddaughter, who is now 18, was a very little girl. When she was young, I made her a dress that was very brightly colored, and had the front of a VW Bus appliqued and embroidered in the front!
I made the pair of shoes that you saw in yesterday's tutorial so that I could figure out a better method for sewing these shoes together. Now that I have that, putting together this pink pair was a breeze, and really didn’t take very long at all! Now, her butterfly outfit is complete… Unless I think of something else to add to it. You never know what might be brewing.