is art what you see or WHAT you see or what YOU see is an artist what they see or WHAT you see or what YOU see ?

Over the last two months I’ve shown you some little peeks at a collaborative project that I’ve been working on with two other artists. Our project will be delivered on Saturday for everyone to see, in a showing with other collaboratives. So today, I’m showing you a final peek. But don’t worry… Starting next week, I will show you, in various posts, the project in it’s entirety!

Things to think about.

Another small view…

I am influenced by so much around me. Another small window into a collaborative project spread. Soon.

How about a peek at another layout? Just a little, though! I had a great day in the studio yesterday, working with a friend, chatting, sharing thoughts and ideas! Thank you, Madeline!

I know it’s been a while, and you probably don’t remember, but I showed you a sneek peek of this small bit of a larger work when it was in the very beginning stages. It’s now finished, and you’ll get to see the whole thing before the end of the month!

Yesterday’s progress.