Fountain Pen Ink

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Every time we get a new ink for our fountain pens, I use a pen and write a sample of it into my journal in the back. That way, I have a running list of the inks that we have, and can see what they look like. I also record which pen I used to create the sample because inks perform differently, depending on the nib and pen used.

#4 - This is the fourth in my series of fountain pen, shimmer and sheen ink tests. J. Herbin, Amethyste de l’Oural, a dark, purple ink with a beautiful crystalline-to-silver sheen, is such a deep, royal color. It’s beautiful with any tangle that has some filled in portion which allows the variations to shine when rotated in the light. I wish you could see here, in the scan, the beautiful sparkle along the bands in the Jetties tangle.

#3 - This is the third in my series of fountain pen, shimmer and sheen ink tests. I think I am in love with this Jacques Herbin ink, , Kyanite du Népal! It is a beautiful, turquoise-blue with a sheen consiting of turquoise and silver metallic flecks. It’s an ink that will make any mermaid swoon! Although you can’t see it in the photo above, slightly rotating the tile under good light or outside in the sun causes the droplet ends of the opus to sparkle like a beautiful lagoon!

#2 - This is the second in my series of fountain pen, shimmer and sheen ink tests. The ink used here, Jacques Herbin, Rouge Hematite is perfect for the second tangle in this series! Pepper reminds me of those red and white peppermint candies that you see everywhere during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season! While you can’t see the pretty, gold sheen in this gorgeous ink, you can see how it affects the color and variations created when it is used to draw the stripes in the peppermints.

#1 - This is the first in my series of fountain pen, shimmer and sheen ink tests. I am currently using the 2019 Gratitangles list. The first tangle is Rain. What ink could me more appropriate than the Jacques Herbin Stormy Sky ink! This ink is a deep, flannel grey color with very tiny, sparse gold flecks. It worked well in the fountain pen and covered nicely in the areas that are filled in.

Sometimes, what you’re looking for is right under your nose… and you don’t see it! I’ve had this Jane Davenport fountain pen for a while now. It’s an inexpensive workhorse that I don’t worry about trying things with. It comes with three ink cartridges, and a “converter” that you can fill with any fountain pen ink you wish. You use the converter instead of a cartridge. Recently, along with a glass pen, my husband purchased two shimmer ink samplers from The Goulet Pen Company.

One day last week, my husband was anxious about a package that was being delivered. His concern was that it would be by the front door on Halloween eve. And we were not going to be home. As it turned out, it was put into the mail box and everything was fine! In the package was this glass pen, which he bought for me as a gift. He got it from The Goulet Pen Company.

My handwriting is really bad. Actually, it’s so bad that I print everything. So, I’ve decided to do something about it. I recently purchased a new fountain pen. It is a Pilot Custom 92. It has a really nice, flexible nib which is great for adding line weight while drawing. I also purchased a bottle of Noodler’s Zhivago ink. This is a beautiful, very dark green color. So, I decided to combine my need to improve my handwriting with time to break in and use my new pen every day.