Yesterday, I showed you the cover of my tiny, Spooktacular2019, traveler’s notebook. Today, I have the completed set for you. Above, you can see the set, closed, from the front and opening edge. Right now, the inserts are blank inside. Today I will be beginning the artwork. The paper is from Bee Paper Company. It is from the spiral-bound, Super Deluxe Mixed Media book. I love this paper because it’s not too thick to use in a small book, but it holds up well to wet and dry mediums.

It’s almost time for the Spooktacular Anniversary on Facebook’s Micro Art Journaling Group! In honor of the occasion, I am making a new journal cover and inserts to use during the month of October. The outside of the cover is a nice combination of fall colors with touch of sparkle. The paper I used for the cover was blank on the reverse side, so I used various stamps to add color and texture to compliment the theme.

For the month of June, the Micro Art Journaling Facebook Group is doing an interesting challenge. There is a “cloud” of prompts. When you have a list, people usually start and the top and work their way down. With a cloud (the prompts are placed randomly positioned in an image) there is no starting, ending, or ordering. You can just choose randomly. So, the first one I’ve done, is “a shoe”.

I follow the Traveler’s Notebook Forum on Facebook. It’s one of those places I check every day just to see the eye candy. This week, they’ve started their 5th Anniversary Celebration with lots of challenges and prizes. The first challenge is to create a Vision Board insert for your Traveler’s Notebook. This seemed like a perfect thing to do for my classic-size, Webster’s Pages, soft pink TN. I used scrapbook paper to create the folder initial folder.

I get asked all the time: “How small IS your art journal.” Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words… However, I’m still going to say a few! On the left is my Passport Traveler’s Notebook from Chris.W on Amazon. On the right is the A8-sized Traveler’s notebook that I use as my art journal. As you can see, the A8 is much smaller, and the inserts are even smaller than the cover.

This layout, in my Tiny Traveler’s Notebook Art Journal, is all about taking risks. It started with a page from a magazine that featured images of the spines of books, decorated in gold. I loved the rich, old-world, wealthy, royal look of them. They reminded me of a castle library somewhere in England. So, I decide to use regal colors of purple, red and gold to paint on the page.

A spring layout in my Tiny (A8) Traveler’s Notebook! I was putting this together over the weekend, and I kept thinking of Easter and Spring. It made me think of how pretty the gardens are this time of year. I loved the pink and green combination that developed as I practiced making grass-like strokes with them. The base design ended up looking so pretty. I deliberately looked for a stencil with a variety of flower shapes to add to the page.

This was a struggle. I loved the underlying colors (you can’t see the silver, but it is there,) and design. I loved the flowers and the black design on the left. And then a period of time went by, and I tried to finish this last night so I could post it for today. You know what? That’s not a good reason to make art. I have lost the flow, I’m tired now.

As I was creating the background for this layout, I had nothing specific in mind for finishing it. I just liked the soothing, calm colors. I got to the point where I felt it was finished, but I didn’t know what to add for a focal point. So I went window shopping in the stamp cabinet. I was drawn to the rowing person. To me, it also was calm and serene.

I found this sign in the magazine that I was tearing up to make these pages. I loved the colors and the shapes of the letters. So I cut it out, not having a total plan in mind at the time. Yesterday, I was looking at it, and I also found scraps of papers with the pink and orange colors, so I decided to make this page. In particular, I wanted strong, swirly shapes that reminded me of air, and breathing.

Sometimes it’s hard to know when to stop. This one almost got away from me. I am making a larger Mermaid book, so I thought I would turn this page into a tiny version of one of the quotes. It didn’t originally start with that in mind. Originally, I was going with the influence of dots and circles. But the colors were so watery looking, I just went for it.

I am definitly falling in love with this style. I’m considering doing it on a larger scale when I finish this month’s self-challenge! This started with some red strips torn from a magazine advertisement. I decided to add some strips of black scrapbook paper with a check pattern. At that point I made the decision to go with black, white and red only to see if I could make it work.

Another spready in my tiny, Traveler’s Notebook art journal. This one uses the same materials as yesterday. However, it turned out to be more of a challenge. I am enjoying the process of these. But now I’m wishing for more pen colors. I may have to switch to acrylic paint to get what I envision! #microart #microartjournal #miniatureartjournal #miniartjournal #miniatureart #tinyjournalnation #allthingstiny #allthingsminiature #microartjournaling #tinyartjournal #travelersnotebook

I haven’t posted any pictures from my tiny TN art journals in a while, so I thought I would show you the one I did yesterday. The materials used here are torn design paper, matte medium, Posca pens, stamps, Archival ink, metallic gel pens and regular gel pen. This is a fairly simple technique that creates a big impact. I am really happy with the way it came out.

Even though this was one of the first tiny Traveler’s Notebooks that I made, I never wrote a post about it. So now’s the time, since some people are looking for easy, simply way’s to make a cover for their tiny art journals. This was made from a piece of an inexpensive, plastic placemat. You can find these at dollar stores, walmart, and some grocery stores. They are in the kitchen section.