This tile is from Project Pack 2, The Twelve Days of Zentangle. On day eleven, Rick and Maria used 3Z tiles assembled into stars! The video shows you how to make two different stars from both black and white 3Zs. I chose to make the white one this time. This project was a lot of fun, and not all that difficult. The biggest problem I had was drawing over the gold ink with the micron pen.

Testing 1-2-3. I wanted a relatively simple project because I’m still shuffling stuff from the old studio to the new one. I used a small, bijou cut from some black paper. Working on black is my specific project for this month. I chose Toodles because it’s a nice, graceful tangle that I like to draw. It also provided me with some larger areas to fill with color. I wanted to experiment with colored pencils on black.

Setup is important. This is my new studio set up. Yep, you’re seeing a camera in there, and photography lights. This is somewhat of a temporary set up because I’m still playing with the positioning of everything before I mount it all on an overhead bar and get that shelf off the table. In my old studio, which I’m in the process of moving out of, the lighting was several different color temperatures, which was driving me crazy.

This is my first, official, 3Z (triangular shaped) Zentangle. These tiles are 3-1/2 inches on a side. That makes the overall drawing area smaller than a standard tile. I did this following the video here, for Project Pack 1. I’m beginning to warm up to these black tiles. I found doing this one fun! Part of it is the design. It was easy, calming, and I really love the results!

When you are learning to tangle, Crescent Moon is one of the first that you learn. It teaches the concept of creating an “aura” near something that has already been drawn. Auras are frequently used to build repeating designs or to add emphasis or separation. This Zentangle is from Project Pack 1. Zentangle drawn on a black, Official Zentangle tile using three different sizes of white, Sakura gel pens.

Happy New Year! This Zentangle was created while going through all of my metallic and glitter gel pens. While they generally all have a reasonable shelf life, I have some that are more than 10 years old. They don’t work, the ink has separated, and some have even leaked. It was time to start fresh in the new year. So I used the tangles Aah and Pepper to create fireworks in the sky, representing the New Year’s celebrations as I tested the various pens.

2017 Review

  video 2017 Review

Recently, Eni posted a video showing her art year in review on Facebook. She told the members of Art Club that she would like to see their year in review also. I took this as a challenge, and mine is below. This wasn’t particularly easy to do. I haven’t made a video in over 10 years. All of the technology has changed since then. However, despite the huge learning curve, I managed to produce something that isn’t totally awful, LOL!

This is the fourth exercise from Project Pack 1. It is a second version of Bales. This tile is very, very simple. It’s all about the added lines transforming the regular seed shape found in the tangle into something beyond itself by repeating the strokes to fill in the centers. It was fun and very calming to draw this Zentangle. But I feel it is just so plain, compared to what I normally draw!

This tile is from Project Pack 2, The Twelve Days of Zentangle. On day four we are doing a twist on Diva Dance. Here, you see it drawn both as a ribbon and as a spirals (Diva Dance rock-n-roll.) However, a new technique has been added. It looks as if the tangle has developed arms. Rick refers to these as “sproings!” You can learn all about them by watching the video, here.

This is another exercise from Project Pack 1. This time, we’re drawing a variation of Bales on a black tile. You can watch Martha create this version here. The differences between mine and the video are that I used the narrowest Gelly Roll to draw the grid lines, and then the 08 to draw the diamonds. I also chose to use the white pastel a bit differently. I drew small lines radiating between the lines at the intersections.

This tile is from Project Pack 2, The Twelve Days of Zentangle. On day three, Maria introduced a new tangle: Rumpus! This is an interesting tangle that starts off with a few dots and then builds like a symphony to a finale with sections being drawn behind one another. You, too, can be mesmerized watching her draw in the video here. In addition, another technique, which she refers to as “enthatching” is introduced.

Merry Christmas. Here’s wishing you all, friends, family, fellow tanglers, a very Merry Christmas. May this day be filled with joy, good company, and lots of fun for you all. Zentangle drawn on Strathmore Vellum Bristol using a black, Micron pen. Shading done with graphite pencil. Tangles: Dewd Shattuck Zailz

On the second day of Project Pack 1, a new tangle was introduced: Dewd. This is a fun tangle that can be used as a fill or a ribbon. You can watch the video for this exercise here. Since I had already done a couple of tiles incorporating Dewd (here and here,) I just wanted to do something simple. I decided to see how many variations I could come up with for Dewd.

This tile is from Project Pack 2, The Twelve Days of Zentangle. On day two, we are using two Zentangle tiles. The first tile, which is black, has a hole cut in the center. Then tangling is done around the empty space. I added red metallic gel pen dots around the center frame and I used a grey metallic gel pen to fill in the spaces in the Flux.

This is a small, bijou-sized tile. It is 2” x 2” square. I don’t have the actual Project Pack No. 1 yet, so I cut a small tile from Strathmore Black Art paper. I bought a 12"x12” pad of this paper a few years ago. I don’t think they still make it in this form, but Strathmore still makes a black, cardstock weight paper that could be used.