I’ve been teasing everyone for some time now with “sneak peeks” of a collaborative project that I’ve been working on with two other artists. Well, pull out your popcorn and grab a seat! Over the next few weeks, you’re finally going to get to see it all! Today’s image is the front and back cover. This is not the originally planned cover. I ended up having to make a new front and back, that was larger, to protect the inside of the book.

is art what you see or WHAT you see or what YOU see is an artist what they see or WHAT you see or what YOU see ?

Over the last two months I’ve shown you some little peeks at a collaborative project that I’ve been working on with two other artists. Our project will be delivered on Saturday for everyone to see, in a showing with other collaboratives. So today, I’m showing you a final peek. But don’t worry… Starting next week, I will show you, in various posts, the project in it’s entirety!

Still having fun with Lilah Beans, created from the examples in Sandy Steen Bartholomew’s “Zentangle for Kidz!“ book! I think, for me, the most fun is inventing unique hair styles!

I went to the Phoenix Museum of Art yesterday. While browsing in the gift shop, I came across this little book. The title is "Urban Scrawl Pocket Notes". It is sold for $5.95. The measurments are about six inches high by a little over four inches wide. Inside of the book, there are many 2-page spreads featuring a variety of urban photographs. Some of them are fairly simple.

If you want to have some fun, try your hand at drawing Lilah Beans from Sandy Steen Bartholomew’s “Zentangle for Kidz!“ book! You can make an entire town of tiny, bean-shaped characters.

Things to think about.

Another small view…

Art: Old Soul

  painting acrylic

Before Christmas, I showed you a little peek of a very old acrylic painting that I started when I was young. I recently found another unfinished work that I began in the 1980’s. I will probably either finish or redo this one also. I don’t know if I will keep the original theme on this one, but the small part I’m showing you in this image, I still like.

I am influenced by so much around me. Another small window into a collaborative project spread. Soon.

How about a peek at another layout? Just a little, though! I had a great day in the studio yesterday, working with a friend, chatting, sharing thoughts and ideas! Thank you, Madeline!

I know it’s been a while, and you probably don’t remember, but I showed you a sneek peek of this small bit of a larger work when it was in the very beginning stages. It’s now finished, and you’ll get to see the whole thing before the end of the month!

Have you ever been trying to draw something like a mandala, using a plastic protractor, and your tool slides as your drawing? It’s happend to me a lot over the years. It can be frustrating, and makes it difficult to construct something precise! Well, recently I was shopping in Plunkett’s Stationery in Tucson, Arizona, and I came across these stickers! Since then, I’ve also discovered that you can get them on Amazon.

A while back, I showed you the art journal that I made from a pad of paper. I completed it at the end of November and you can read more about it here. I made it specifically for Laly Mille’s The Artist and The Journal class. On the first day of 2020, I made the first marks in this new book! I began by writing a journal entry.