When I first start a page, I often select “odd” colors, just to see what will happen when I combine them. The purple/grey/pink combo isn’t really new… or uncommon. Many people like this combination. It’s calm, soothing, with just a bit of “pop”. The brown/olive/red-orange developed from experimentation. At first, I wasn’t sure about it. That’s one of the reasons why some areas are more “muted”. Then I realized it had a kind of “retro” feel to it.

Although today was very busy with non-art things, I did manage to get in some fun painting time! I completed this page of “random acts of art”, using a variety of painting materials, mostly gouache. I’m finding that I really like using gouache. It’s a bit like using watercolor. But when it dries, it’s a bit more permanent. I can paint over it or next to it without it totally reactivating the dry paint.

This week, in the Facebook Micro Art Journaling group, we’re creating “stash builders”. Today’s assignment is to use whatever art materials we want, or have at hand, to color on any paper. We can try all different types of paper, or junk mail, or whatever we like. I am using mixed media paper. It was already coated with a thin layer of white gesso. Color was applied using Inktense pencils, Stabilo pencils, Neocolor II, and gouache.

Now, both sides of the pants have completed pockets. I didn’t know if I would like this mix-up of fabrics, but I really do! I can imagine what they would look like with a white, hot pink or bright red top! Maybe I can finish them over the weekend!

I bet you’re trying to figure out what you’re looking at here. No, it isn’t anything to do with Zentangle, other than I like the mixture of black-and-white patterns because it reminds me of tangling. Maybe this hint will help: Do you get it? Not yet? The first image is of a section of a pair of pants I am making. What you see is the right-side, the upper pocket, (altered from the pattern,) and part of the cargo pocket.


  Wordless Wednesday

Now comes the fun part! I am in the process of pulling out everything that I might be able to use. Of course, this will be too much stuff! But that’s OK. It’s fun to have lots of choices. For fabrics, I want a variety of textures and colors. I’m going to stick to one group: black, white, grey, red, gold (metallic) and golden yellow. I may end up with a tiny bit of others, just to make things pop… we’ll have to see.

I want to make each piece of fabric a bit stiffer. I hope this will allow me to stitch and embroider without using a hoop. I found a piece of Pellon Craft Fuse in my stash. I’ve probably had it for years. I chose it because, unlike regular iron-on interfacing, the face of it seems smoother, like it would move under the presser foot much easier, without sticking.

The next step in my process is to select the order the pages are in. Half of the pages will be double-page spreads. The other half will be single. This has to do with the way I plan to assemble the book. If I put the front and backs of each signature together, and then stitch each one down the center to the spine, the outside layer will end up next to the outside layer from the previous (or next) signature.

I’m starting an experiment. I want to try making a micro, A8 size, art journal using fabric and various fiber art techniques. I’ve never done anything like this before, so this is a totally new adventure. What you see here are the blank, inside pages for the book. I cut them all out yesterday. These, currently, include a small seam allowance. I am thinking, eventually, I will stitch them back-to-back and turn them right side out.

Today, I took Eni Oken’s Art Raffle app for a spin. This tile is the result! For my first tile in eons, it’s not bad! If you tangle, you should get this FREE app, it’s lots of fun! Zentangle drawn on an white, official, Zentangle tile, using a black, Micron pen. Shading done with graphite pencil. Tangles: Antidot Bales Beedz Crescent Moon Emingle Hollibaugh Knase Knightsbridge Perfs Printemps Shard Shattuck Stiritup Tagh

I love this little rock! It’s so easy to give up. Or feel like we just don’t have what it takes. But you know what? We CAN do it! Stay safe, stay well!

I almost missed this tiny beetle art! It’s very small, and other than the dots, blended into the rock it was sitting on! It’s a little difficult to see the antennae in this photo, but they are there. Very cute! Stay safe, stay well!

Another Bunny

  bunny felt sewing doll

Did I tell you that I have a thing for bunnies? I do! This little felt bunny is from a pattern I created years ago. She also has clothes, but I’m still sorting stuff and haven’t found them yet. Oh, and yes, that IS carrots on the fabric! I bought it a long time ago to make clothes for bunnies! Enjoy!